Grand Designs

Do you like watching HGTV or DIYTV? If you do, you are going to LOVE Grand Designs, a British TV series now in it’s 17th season. I discovered it streaming on NetFlix. I believe the current season may be available on Hulu. Some episodes are available on YouTube. It’s worth the effort to hunt it […]

Architect’s Inspiration: Alison + Peter Smithson

Continuing my occasional series about people and things that inspire me as a designer, here is a brief video about two of my favorite architects, Alison + Peter Smithson. The Smithsons were remarkable and influential architects, teachers, and thinkers in the UK, active from the late 1940’s until their deaths in 1993 and 2003, respectively. […]

Starting A New Year

I am more or less recovered from a nasty cold. If you’ve had this year’s cold virus, you know what I’m talking about. We are more than 3 weeks into this thing and my nose is still running…but the worst of it is over. And thankfully, the end came in time for the turning of […]

What An Architect Bakes

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that one of my recent projects was making a very special cake for Thanksgiving. I thought that I would share the process and offer some tips learned. While there may not seem to be a connection between cake and architecture, I hasten to remind the reader that […]

My Favorite San Francisco House

My favorite house in San Francisco, at least from the outside, is a small single story house built in the classical style. It is a small cottage, built as a classical temple. It is dwarfed by the neighboring buildings which were built  years after it was built. I suspect that when it was built (circa […]

Finding Inspiration

Each architect find’s inspiration in different places and from different things. Sometimes that inspiration is easy to spot. Take, for instance, this bank building in Grass Valley, California. It looks very much a civic building to our North American eyes. It’s got the columns and the dome. It has to be an important civic building, […]

Architect’s Inspiration: Wimbledon House

Continuing my occasional series of posts about buildings that inspire me: The Wimbledon House was designed by the English architect Richard Rogers with his then wife, Su Rogers, for his parents. Design started in 1967 and was completed in 1969. It is located just outside of London. Considered by many the most important modern house […]

Travel Journal

I recently accompanied my partner to Manila to attend to some family business. While we were there, we jumped on a plane and flew to Singapore to visit some friends. In addition to catching up and eating our way through the city (the food there is amazing), we also did some sight seeing. What do […]