Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes


David Locicero, architect is a San Francisco Bay Area based boutique architectural studio.  David specializes in transforming problem houses into dream homes. He focuses on residential additions, remodeling, accessory dwelling units, in-law units, and new homes. He also provides “aging at home”, code, and accessibility consulting.

View of the cottage from the driveway. The “tower” clad in wood aligns with the driveway, and draws the eye back to the cottage. Image copyright 2020, David Locicero

David works without an assistant. He designs, manages, draws and drafts.  He also makes the coffee and empties the trash.  He only takes on as much work as one man can handle.  When you hire David you get his undivided attention when he is working on your project.

Small project? No problem!  David enjoys helping people with projects that other architects might not take on because they are “too small”.  Our ego is not wrapped up in the size of our projects.  We gain satisfaction from the large impact that small changes can make.

Small budget? No problem!  One of the challenges we all face is trying to get the most for the money we have.  David can help you get the most out of your budget.  This includes having clear priorities, realistic expectations, an open mind and willingness to do things differently.  It also sometimes means doing work in phases, doing some or all of the work yourself, and sometimes not getting everything you wanted.  David can help you get as close as possible.

David wrote an Architectural Creed, which explains his core beliefs about how architecture should be made. If it resonates with you in any way, we might be able to make a great project together!

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