Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Aging at Home Audit

We are all getting older.  We have invested a lot of money in our homes, not to mention the sentimental attachments we’ve developed over time. It makes sense that we would want to remain in our homes for as long as we can as we age.

Drawing on over 25 years addressing accessibility issues in commercial establishments, David offers “Aging at home” residential audit service. He comes to your home to access the most common accessibility issues that might affect you in your home.  From getting in and out of the house to getting in and out of the bath, David will address the potential barriers and suggest possible solutions.

The audit takes about an hour. I require a fixed fee of $347 for a week day meeting. If you would like to meet on the weekend, I am available on Saturday morning’s only and the fixed fee is $497.  The fee is payable upon booking the meeting. You can book your Aging at Home Audit appointment using the scheduling form on the right.

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