Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Automated Banking Teller Remodel

David Locicero | architect

Completed in 2016

1200 square feet

Private Client

The Problem: Technology is moving forward. The credit union is replacing on-site tellers with US based remote tellers. The project was to install three new “personal teller machines” which allow you to interact with a live, remote teller to carry on most transactions.

The Solution: We built a wall to separate the “back of house” from the banking room. The new teller machines poke through the wall.

In the open space to the right of the teller machine on the right, there will be a wall mounted video screen and a piece of furniture with marketing materials.

The Results: The customers are getting better service. The former on-site tellers are now providing other services for the clientele, and all routine transactions are now handled by remote tellers.

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