Fees and Compensation

How do I determine my fees and compensation?

Glad you asked!

Hourly Billing Rates – My hourly billing rates are, at this time, as follows:

  • $175/hour for time spent in Meetings / Design / Coordination
  • $115/hour for time spent Drawing and Detailing
  • $80/hour for time spent traveling or performing clerical activities

Often, for the sake of simplicity of record keeping, I will make a proposal based on what is called a “blended rate”. This is based on the idea that 25% of my time is spent in Meetings / Designing / Coordinating, 50% of my time is spent Drawing and Detailing, and 25% of my time is spent Traveling or performing Clerical activities. I multiply the hourly rate times the percent of time doing each activity, then add the results, like this:

($175 x 0.25) + ($115 x 0.5) + ($80.00 x 0.25) = $121

Initial Meeting – The initial meeting is the first step in the process. During this meeting you get my undivided attention for up to 90 minutes. We will discuss your project in general terms, including likely schedule and construction costs. I will not try to sell you my services, but rather answer your questions and provide useful information.

For our initial meeting, I require a fixed fee of $295 for a week day meeting. If you would like to meet on the weekend, I am available on Saturday morning’s only and the fixed fee is $395.  The fee is payable upon booking the meeting. You can book your first appointment using the scheduling form on the right.

The initial meeting fee is deducted from the first invoice of the project agreement if you should retain me for your project (not from the Needs + Options Review invoice).

ADU Review – If you live in San Francisco and have an existing un-permitted in-law unit, or if you want to add an in-law unit to your property, this is the first step in the process. It is a flat fee of $500 which is payable upon booking the meeting. You can book the appointment using the scheduling form on the right.

Needs + Options Review – The Needs + Options Review is the second step in the project process. It is a stand alone service during which we define the problem to be solved and establish the budget and the schedule for the project. We also research the Planning and Building Code issues that will affect your project. The preparation of the Needs + Options Review is a flat $1500. See the Needs + Options Review page for more information.


Full Service Services – For Full Service architectural services, I use a combination of compensation amounts:

  • time and expense based on my standard billing rates, above
  • fixed amounts for specific discrete, limited activities
  • per square foot amounts
  • stipulated flat fees based on an estimated construction cost. The estimate is based on the scope of work as described in the Schematic Design phase documents and is determined by a paid third party (estimator or contractor). The base compensation will be a percentage of the estimated construction cost. The percentage will be between 8% and 15% of the estimated construction cost + expenses. I will determine the percentage based on several factors, including but not limited to the size of the project, the complexity of the project, and the jurisdiction.

I think it is best to know what I am committing to before I commit myself. That is why I recommend that you begin with a Needs + Options review. This review will outline not only what you want to achieve, but what the challenges and limitations will be, as well as describing a way forward. After we complete the Needs + Options review I will prepare a proposal for my services to complete the project.

The proposal will be a stipulated flat fee. I will offer you three options to choose from. My services will be bundled into a Basic Service Package, a Standard Service Package, and a Premier Service Package. The cost of each package will be based on the services provided as well as the size and complexity of the project as well as the location.

The services included in each of the Service Packages can be seen below.

Each of the service packages will be a flat fee proposal that includes the cost of travel, postage, and required printing. There are exceptions and limits, which are spelled out in my proposal.


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