Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

5 Story Mixed Use Building Feasibility Study

David Locicero | architect

Study Completed in 2016

20,000 square feet proposed

Private Client

The Problem: The existing site is under used. Located in a commercial district, most of the site was occupied by an abandoned single family house. The owner wanted to know if it was feasible to build a mixed use building with commercial on the ground level and condominiums above.

The Solution: I prepared a feasibility study. The report contained a discussion of  the zoning regulations and the approval process. It also discussed both the typical construction costs for this type of building as well as the likely sales prices and rental income possible in the current economic situation. The report also provide a conceptual design to demonstrate it was possible to meet the code requirements.

The Results: The owner decided they did not have the resources to develop the site themselves. They used the feasibility study to justify a higher sales price for the property.

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