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Random Photo #13: Hoodie Magnate

2021 Random Photo Series

As a way of rounding out the year, I have decided to share 3 random photos from my phone each week, along with a discussion about why I took the picture. This might give you a sense of how I think and who I am.

Random Photo #13:

As a side hustle, I started, a website selling t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories with a wine theme. Photo copyright 2021, David Locicero

Most architects think they can design anything.

I am NOT one of those architects.

I do, however, have an interest in fashion. I recently launched my own collection of graphic tees and hoodies (and accessories):

This new website combines three interests: wine, fashion, design. All of the graphics are my designs. The shirts are all printed and shipped from the USA.

This picture is of me modeling one of my favorite designs. This shirt outlines the process of wine tasting.






~ david locicero

It can’t be any simpler than that! And it brings so much fun and satisfaction.

2022 will bring some interesting opportunities as I use my various skills to design more shirts, hoodies, and accessories, and make some videos – I hope – about wine and wine tasting to help to market the new site.

I hope you will check out the site.


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