Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Bay Vista Accessory Dwelling Unit

David Locicero | architect

Started in 2015 – currently on hold

900 square feet

Private Client

The Problem: The owners wanted to add an accessory building to their spectacular Oakland site. The accessory building would act as their home while the remodeling and expansion of the main house was under way, and afterwards would then act as the husband’s home office and as a guest house.

The Clients: A professional couple with two very active children. The husband runs his business from a home office.

The Solution: We developed a plan that features a large “family room” with glazed garage doors on both ends. This room would act as the bedrooms for the family during construction of the main house project. The “dining room” would be the main family space during the construction of the main house project, and as a conference space afterwards. The ADU was designed to provide as much flexibility as possible in how it could be used.

The ADU is situated down hill from the main house (not shown) which is located on the top plateau on the right
The ADU will have a “green roof”, one that is planted with native plants to match the plants on the site. This will minimize it’s appearance from the hill above.



The building settles low on the site, to minimize it’s impact on the views from up the hill. The dining/conference space face the view.


This is the view from the “family room” into the dining room and the view beyond (not the actual view). The entry door is on the far right. The floors will be polished concrete. With 10 foot ceilings and lots of big windows, the room will feel very spacious.

The Results: We worked on this project until the completion of Schematic Design. This project is part of a larger project to remodel and expand the existing house. The owners wanted to take both the main house design and the ADU design through Schematic Design so they would have motivation to save for the construction.

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