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Benicia Project – Project Process – October 2020

The Benicia house project is coming along! The last time I was at the site, the house was still being framed. No roof structure was in place. Now, roughly six weeks later, the roof is up and insulated. The walls are up and insulated. The contractor will be starting to put the siding and roofing on and the windows in soon.

The house, like many in Benicia sits about 3-feet below street level which makes it look less tall and helps to reinforce it’s modern cottage qualities.

View of the back of the house as seen from the new carport and parking pad. Photo copyright 2020, David Locicero, Architect

The 2 bedroom, 1 bath house is only 850 square feet, but with a large open living room kitchen and an expansive back deck, it will live like a much large house.

View from the kitchen area looking toward the front door. The vaulted ceiling helps the house feel bigger than it’s 850 square feet. Photo copyright 2020, David Locicero Architect

The contractor is doing a very good job, and keeping the project on schedule. I am especially impressed by the quality of the carpentry. This scarf joint, used to splice together two pieces of wood into a longer beam, is a prime example.

Look carefully to see the scarf joint used to join two pieces of beam into a single longer beam. This is and example of the quality of the carpentry on this project. Photo copyright 2020, David Locicero Architect
View from the main bedroom looking out toward the backyard and the carport. The ceiling is also vaulted in this room which provides the opportunity to take windows all the way to the roof structure. Photo copyright 2020, David Locicero, Architect
I like the way the views are framed in this house. This is looking out from one of the bathroom windows. Photo copyright 2020, David Locicero, Architect

The house was designed by Oregon Architect Nir Pearlson, for whom I am acting as the local, California, Architect of Record. As the architect of record, I have ensured that the design complies with the California Building Code, provided additional documentation required by California, and am providing Construction Phase services for the client. All of these things are what an architect does for their clients. I am also work on this project in association with New Avenue Homes.

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