Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Project in Progress: Oakland Remodel 3

One of the projects in the office at the moment is the remodel of mid-century house in the Oakland hills. I have written about this project before here and here. The construction is moving along. Here are some photographs of the construction in progress.

Oakland master bedroom

The Master Bedroom is small, but bright and sunny. We are using bamboo on the floor. The base board have to be installed and the finish electrical is not yet complete.

Oakland master shower 2

This is a detail photo of the shower niches. The owner is a hydrologist and we wanted to play with the idea of water in the bathrooms. The accent tile gives the image of reflections on a body of water.

Oakland master bath 2

The owner scored a major find when the project was being designed: salvaged limestone floor pavers. We used them on the floor in the first bathroom. We used them in the Master, too. The worn quality adds nice age to the room, and the color contrasts nicely with the espresso colored vanity.

Construction is ongoing in the house while the house is occupied. The construction is being done in phases to ensure that there are operating bathrooms at all times. This is not the quickest way to build a project, but ensures that the house’s occupants are not too inconvenienced during construction. There will always be inconveniences during construction, the phasing helps to minimize the major inconveniences.

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