Design Development

The following images were made this week as I was working on a small cottage project that was recently re-started by the clients after a break of almost 2 years. In the intervening years, the building code changed and the Oakland’s planning regulations changed, so we had to make some changes. In addition, my clients […]

New Accessory Dwelling Project

With the recent changes to state law regarding Accessory Dwelling Units, you can see how various municipalities are dealing with changing their planning ordinances to come into compliance with the state legislation. In Oakland, they are allowing development within a house, and development attached to a house. They are allowing you to convert an existing […]

Project in Progress: Berkeley Cottage

Projects are rarely, if ever, perfect from their immediate conception. Some come together quickly. Others take longer. This project in Berkeley is somewhere in between. But it is coming together fairly quickly. We are working within the city’s planning regulations for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The projects need to be less than 750 square feet, […]

Grand Designs

Do you like watching HGTV or DIYTV? If you do, you are going to LOVE Grand Designs, a British TV series now in it’s 17th season. I discovered it streaming on NetFlix. I believe the current season may be available on Hulu. Some episodes are available on YouTube. It’s worth the effort to hunt it […]

Project in Progress: Berkeley Cottage

I kicked off a new project about a month ago. It is for a backyard cottage, an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), in Berkeley. We have been working on getting the plan arrangements right. Still in Schematic Design, I’m starting to look at what this little house might look like. The cottage will be just under […]

Kitchen Design Advice

Is 2017 the year you’re going to remodel your kitchen? It is dark and disconnected from the rest of the house. It doesn’t have any storage, and there’s no place for the kids to the the homework. I recently came across this article about 10 steps to take when planning your kitchen remodel. I thought […]

My Favorite San Francisco House

My favorite house in San Francisco, at least from the outside, is a small single story house built in the classical style. It is a small cottage, built as a classical temple. It is dwarfed by the neighboring buildings which were built ¬†years after it was built. I suspect that when it was built (circa […]

What Does Your City Flag Look Like?

For something different – a TED talk by Roman Mars, about the design of city flags. (Just skip the ad that’s attached at the start.) Not only is this talk interesting, entertaining, and informative, it is also a great talk about design. Talking about design is hard to do. Roman Mars does it on the […]