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An Architect’s Advice: Working During The Pandemic


The pandemic is lasting longer than I had expected. If you are like me, you are getting tired of the isolation that goes with working from home. Not to mention a little bit too much togetherness with the family? Maybe? A little?

There was a recent news report that upwards of 27% of American adults are reporting symptoms of depression. That is a major jump up from the “norm” of 8% of adults with symptoms of depression.

And there is the anxiety that goes with the who situation. Anxiety about getting sick, about our family getting sick, about money, about the political situation? about the wildfires, the smoke, the hurricanes.

It’s a lot, even if we are reasonably secure and otherwise healthy. That’s why I recorded this video about working during the pandemic.

Cities and counties have figured out, sort of, how to work during the pandemic. So it is possible to apply for permits. Things are taking even longer than normal to get processed, because of the pandemic and government employees working from home. But if you plan ahead, and are patient, it is possible to get a project started.

If you are considering building or remodeling, get your copy of my Project Planning Cheat Sheet to help you prepare by setting a realistic budget and schedule. Just sign up in the form on the right side of this page.

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