Project in Progress: Berkeley Cottage

Projects are rarely, if ever, perfect from their immediate conception. Some come together quickly. Others take longer. This project in Berkeley is somewhere in between. But it is coming together fairly quickly. We are working within the city’s planning regulations for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The projects need to be less than 750 square feet, […]

Project Comes Back to Life

Every project has it’s own pace. Some are quick. Some are slow. Some hit road blocks. Some are paused and come back. One of my projects, which had been put on “hold” back in December, has come back to life. The project is in Sunnyvale. It was a project that started out as a secondary […]

Projects in Progress: Permits

Good news! The project in Danville is moving forward, breaking ground this month. The owners have been comparing bids and think they have settled on a builder. The project in Danville is a 1000 square foot, two story addition to a 1960’s ranch. We are eager to get the construction started! The image to the […]

On The Boards

Things are busy here in the studio. I thought I would post an update on the progress of some of the projects in the studio, and introduce a couple new projects. My project in Danville is out of plan check! The owner picked up the permit about 3 weeks ago. We are currently considering bids […]

Project in Progress: San Francisco Legalization

The project to legalize an existing secondary dwelling at the garage level of a house in San Francisco is getting closer to be completed. The permit was issued in May. So we are three months into construction and it’s starting to look pretty good. This project is being built as part of the City program […]

Project in Progess: San Francisco Foundation Replacement and New Unit

San Francisco has a program, the purpose of which is to encourage landlords to improve the earthquake safety of their properties. If a landlord voluntarily performs a seismic upgrade to a building meeting certain specific criteria, the City allows the landlord to add one or more rental units to the building, waiving many of the […]

Project in Progress: San Leandro Update

The other day my client for the project in San Leandro texted me a photograph. It made me smile. This is the view from the back hall through the kitchen through the new opening between the kitchen and dining room, through the dining room to the window and out to the front of the house. […]

Project in Progress: Oakland 4

The project to update a long neglected mid-century modern house in the Oakland hills is coming along. At what feels like a snail’s pace, but moving along none the less. In this post we’ll look at a nearly completed bathroom, a detail that makes my eye twitch, and a little bit of the history of […]