Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

San Francisco Flat Project Complete

This project in San Francisco has been underway for quite a while. But we received our Certificate of Occupancy not long ago.

In San Francisco, if you voluntarily upgrade a masonry foundation, you are allowed to add a new unit to the building within the existing envelope. Check out the video below!

This building, built in the 1920 had a rubble foundation – just compacted sand and rocks! The owner was eager to make the building more safe and to be able to add another rental unit.

The existing 2 units had to remain occupied during construction, so we couldn’t raise the building. This meant having to do a little excavation under the building to get the right ceiling heights.

Because of the configuration of the building, the challenge was to get enough light into the living spaces. I did the best I could and the living room has lovely light in the morning and the main bedroom does in the afternoon.

The new flat is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath flat and will be going on the market soon, if it isn’t already rented.



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