Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Project in Progress: Danville framing is under way

The project in Danville is under construction and the contractor is making good time. I was out to the site last week to look at the construction, answer questions, and take some pictures.

As a reminder, this is a 900 square foot addition to a 1950’s house. The addition is two stories and will be a pied a terre for the owners when they retire. It is acting as a private suite for the owners, allowing their children to move into the rest of the house.

Going up with a second floor was a decision made in order to provide views of Mt. Diablo and of the adjacent golf course. The views of Mt. Diablo are obscured by a neighbor’s eucalyptus tree. But going up means that the rooms do have a lovely view of the golf course and will be flooded with light.

The house originally looked like this:

The extension on the left was an un-permitted storage room. It was removed. Just a few weeks ago, the house looked like this:

The shed is gone and the foundations dug. Last week, the foundation has been poured and the framing is nearing completion:

The new lower level room is going to be nice. In this picture, the existing house is behind us.

This picture is upstairs, looking from the door to the master bedroom toward the front room on the second floor. The stair is on the left heading downstairs. I am excited to see the windows in the left side wall stepping down with the stair:

The upstairs stair hall may be one of my favorite spaces in the new addition.

Looking forward to the roof trusses going on and getting the shell closed up and water tight.

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