Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Project in Progress: Church in Oakland

I have shared images of this project before. We are wrapping up schematic design right now. The design we came up with worked very well, but came in over budget. Working with the Church to set and determine their priorities, they determined that the new structure that will define the south side of their courtyard, and shield their neighbors to the south from the sounds generated by outdoor wedding receptions could be reduced in scope.

The covered / shaded parking spots that could double as a band stand were eliminated, leaving a small storage shed with a simple trellis in front.

Design sketches I sent to my drafter.

The shed has to be tall enough to have a presence on the court, so we made it fairly tall, with the roof sloping away from the court. The trellis is made from bulky timbers and is a full 5 feet in front of the shed, and extends past the shed on one end. The Church committee is currently reviewing this design.

Once we have approval we will complete the schematic design drawings, and the contractor we are working with will complete the schematic budget, and the Church will be able to approach their national organization to get funding.

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