Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Architects Help Keep You Calm

People have preconceptions about what architects do.

Some people think we are “diva designers” who swoop in and impose our personal style on others.

Some people think that all we do is draw, making pretty pictures of buildings.

Some people think we work in barns and talk to horses (Mr. Ed).

Others think we design skyscrapers in our home offices on tiny little drawing boards (The Brady Bunch).

Others think we are vigilante killers (like Charles Bronson in Death Wish).

Architects do none of those things.

Architects are skilled and talented professionals who know about buildings. The types of buildings we know about will vary according to our design specialty. I know a lot about houses: design, function, and construction.

We also know about project management. We know how to structure a project process so that the right decisions are being made at the right time. We know how long it takes for different planning departments to review designs for approval. We know how long it takes for building departments to grant permits. We know, in general terms, how much it costs to build.

Architects guide their clients through a process with which most of our clients have no experience. If you aren’t experienced with the process, it can be very stressful. There are hundreds, even thousands, of decisions that have to be made.

It is our job, not just to design your house, but also get the design approved, and work with the contractor to get it built. The process is often fraught with difficulties that non-architects have no idea how to solve or work through. We provide calm guidance and expertise. We help minimize the stress. We make your life easier during a new house, addition, or remodeling project. We give you your dream house. That’s our job.

Keep calm and hire an architect.

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