Opinion: If it requires a permit, it requires an architect

When should you hire an architect? The folks over at Curbed.com, the real estate website, recently posted about the house pictured below. It is buildings like this that make me think, if it requires a permit, it requires an architect. Seriously. I am sure that the original owner who designed this house was well intended. […]

The Cost of New Construction

I have been doing some research on residential construction costs in the SF Bay Area. It’s always good to be up to date on this subject. Clients and potential clients are always asking the question. Not surprisingly, the numbers I’ve seen have ranged all over the place from unbelievably low to unfathomably high. But the […]

Setting A Project Budget

Your remodeling or addition project will exist in several different realities. There is the reality of the exiting house. There is also the reality that exists in the space between your desires and your budget. The folks at Houzz.com wrote about setting a budget back in April. While the post at Houzz.com is fine, I […]

What Does It Cost To…?

One of the most common questions I get asked as an architect is a variation on “how much does it cost to remodel my kitchen?” Or, bathroom, or living room, or – well, you get the idea. The answer I have to give is necessarily vague. It depends on how extensive the remodeling is and […]

Removal, Demolition and Deconstruction – oh, my!

Bob Borson over at Lifeofanarchitect.com recently wrote an excellent post about the benefits of Deconstruction versus Demolition. In it he talks about the environmental and financial benefits of deconstruction instead of demolition. The post can be boiled down to the following: demolition is quick demolition puts everything into the landfill deconstruction takes longer deconstruction salvages […]

What Remodeling Project is Best?

I am often asked what remodeling project provides the best return on the investment? That is actually a complicated question. The answer depends on many factors: location, age of the house, how long you intend to stay in the house, and how you calculate the return. So with that in mind, I was interested to […]