Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Commercial Conceptual Design

I don’t often do commercial work. Most years there will only be one commercial project in the studio. So it can be both challenging and fun when the opportunity comes up to work on a commercial project.

This was a very quick project for a client that wanted to see if the space he was looking at renting was big enough for the wine bar he wants to put into it. He only knew the square footage and had pictures of the outside. All the dimensions were guesses based on what we could see from the outside.

This is the view looking in from the entrance. The actual view out the windows isn’t quite so bucolic. Image copyright 2019 David Locicero, architect.

We needed to accommodate two handicapped bathrooms, a back room or cellar to store the wine, a bar, and a seating area. The windows along the long side all face south.

This is the view from behind the end of the bar looking toward the entrance. The actual view out the windows looks out on the street. Image copyright 2019 David Locicero, architect.

I came up with two potential solutions to the space planning problem. This is the one the client liked the best. It is purely conceptual in nature and if he gets the space, it will have to undergo significant redesign to turn this into a real design for the space. He just wanted to make sure he could fit everything in the space.

It looks good to me! Doing a quick conceptual design for a commercial space is one the the many things an architect does, or can do for you.

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