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Archtober9: Doors

October is National Architecture Month, also known in some circles as Archtober. To commemorate the month, I am going to post a brief post every day of the month.

Doors are another form of filter that get placed in a wall. Doors are meant to allow us control over who comes in and out. They can be small or large, but their primary function is to filter who can get in or out.

Doors can be ceremonial, impressive, or normal sized and work-a-day. They can be solid or glazed, or louvered or screened. Sometimes they can function like a window (Similarly, sometimes a window can function like a door.)

The ceremonial door at Le Corbusier’s Notre Dame Du Haut, also known as Ronchamp. The door is huge and on a pivot. It is only opened on the official pilgrimage days, otherwise, entry is through another smaller door.
A work-a-day door at the Man Ho Temple in Hong Kong. The total width is about 4 feet. So each of the doors is tall and slender.
The main door at a Spanish Colonial villa in Vigan, Philippines. This large door, which was sized to allow a horse drawn cart or carriage to enter, has a smaller door within it to allow people to come and go without having to open the big doors.
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