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May Baskets

This post is my digital May Basket for you!

There was a time, like when I was growing up, when on May 1st, we would go and hang home made baskets full of flowers on the doors of friends and neighbors. It was a way to welcome Spring by offering up an anonymous gift of flowers.

I remember making baskets from brightly colored construction paper, some of them just simple cones of paper with handles glued on. Then we would go raid our own garden for flowers. Then early on May Day morning, we would leave the house with our arms full of these gifts which we would hang on our neighbors’ door knobs. It felt dangerous because we didn’t want to be caught! The joy in the exercise was in the process of making, and in giving with no expectation of recognition.

Flowers are wonderful gifts from nature. They can be subtle or audacious. I love bold, bright colors. I don’t know what all of these flowers are, but I do know that California Poppy Orange is my favorite color. I offer up all of these images of flowers – and bud break on a grape vine, too – as a celebration of Spring and the lessons we can learn by taking a moment to notice the many beautiful, little things we encounter every day.

All these photographs are from my own camera and are copyright 2018, David Locicero.

There is beauty all around us if we take the time to notice. Architects take the time to notice. We try to enrich your lives not only by solving your functional problems, and not only by making the built environment better, but also by providing visual prompts to stop and smell the roses, or notice the poppies.


Here’s a post with a little historical information about May Baskets if you aren’t familiar with the tradition.

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