Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Archtober31: Halloween

October is National Architecture Month, also known in some circles as Archtober. To commemorate the month, I am going to post a brief post every day of the month.

I hope that you have enjoyed my Architecture Month posts. Perhaps you learned something you hadn’t known before.

Reflecting back on this month, and the hustle, hustle, hustle to write enough to post every day, I learned a few things. Writing a post for every day of the month is a bunch of work. Even when you say to yourself, “self, keep these simple and mostly visual,” it is an effort to conceive 31 posts, hunt up illustrations, and say something coherent in each post.

The other thing I learned: I need a black and white head shot with dramatic and artistic flare! Some of the architects mentioned in this month’s posts had some serious black and white photo cred.


Look at them all! Great photos and portraits!

Maybe I should use this one. Boo! Happy Halloween!

The reality is, I did this self portrait years ago. It is small, but I still dig it.

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