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What are Full Architectural Services?

What are “Full Architectural Services”? Architects just draw, right?


Architects do a lot more than just draw. Whether your project is a house addition, a house remodel, or a kitchen remodel, the services that an architect can provide are extensive. We do research. We design (yes). We draw (yes). We help you select finishes and fixtures. We figure out how to build it. We shepherd the project through approval processes and permit approvals. We work with the contractor. Each of these phases is made up of many steps requiring experience, talent, patience, and diplomacy. It is what an architect does.

The info-graphic below summarizes the services architects provide on most projects. For an in depth description of what an architect can do for you during your project, see my book, Working With An Architect: what to expect working with an architect on your addition or remodel.

From the start of the project to the completion, your architect is busy working for you.

Feel free to copy and share this info-graphic! (Just don’t delete my web address at the bottom. Thanks!)

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