Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

New Book: Working With An Architect

You want to remodel your house, or build an addition. Maybe you want to build your dream home. Do you hire an architect? You hear from one person an architect is essential. You hear from another person that you don’t need one. Besides, they are expensive, right? What does an architect actually do? They just draw up the plans, right?

Drawing from over 30 years of professional experience as an architect, I answer these questions and more. There is a standard, and logical process to any design project. This process is used by all designers and architects in one way or another. The author describes just what it is than an architect does during each phase of the project design and construction process. Working With An Architect is a short book written with the non-architect in mind. I made an effort to avoid the jargon used in the profession. It is a quick read, illustrated by real life stories take from my years of architectural practice.

Understanding this process and what the architect can do for you during each phase of the project, you can decide for yourself if you will need an architect for your project.  This is a companion volume to my first book, The Project Planning Checklist.

Working With An Architect is available as a paper back and as a Kindle format ebook.

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