Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

In Progress: Danville Project Breaks Ground

The project in Danville, adding a retirement apartment for the owners onto a house they will be deeding over to their children, has finally broken ground.

This project has been in my studio since the late Autumn of 2015. We applied for permits back in the early Autumn of 2016. We are breaking ground in the Summer of 2017. Hoping construction will be done this year.

The project adds a new “great room” on the ground floor, and a study, sitting room, bedroom, and bathroom on the 2nd floor. A portion of the new 2nd floor extends over the existing house.

We have already run into a construction issue. We did not have drawings of the existing house, which had been added on to several times over the years. The drawings we did have were incomplete. Now that the contractor has opened up the floor and completed the required excavation, we discovered that the existing foundations are not what we had expected. After a meeting at the site with the builder and the structural engineer, we have collectively decided on the best path forward. The engineer is preparing revisions so that the contractor can proceed.

This is a picture of the back of the house I took back in 2015.

This is what the back of the house looks like now. We are looking forward to seeing the project move to completion this year!

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