Project Complete in San Francisco

I can’t recall if I’ve written about this project or not. Years ago, I did a project for these clients in this house, enclosing a carport to be a garage. That was successful. But the owners soon had to relocate for work, and the house was rented out. They’ve returned to San Francisco and decided […]

San Francisco Earthquake Safety Fair

Are you thinking about working on a project in San Francisco? It could be remodeling, or legalizing an in-law unit. Maybe you are thinking about adding a rental unit. Whatever it is, you probably have lots of questions.  This week there is an event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium that you might want to […]

What are Full Architectural Services?

What are “Full Architectural Services”? Architects just draw, right? Wrong! Architects do a lot more than just draw. Whether your project is a house addition, a house remodel, or a kitchen remodel, the services that an architect can provide are extensive. We do research. We design (yes). We draw (yes). We help you select finishes […]

New Book: Working With An Architect

You want to remodel your house, or build an addition. Maybe you want to build your dream home. Do you hire an architect? You hear from one person an architect is essential. You hear from another person that you don’t need one. Besides, they are expensive, right? What does an architect actually do? They just […]

Project in Progress: San Bruno Expansion

I haven’t posted about this project in a while. I started working on this project in December of 2014. It is a fairly simply 240 square foot extension to a 1950’s ranch house located in San Bruno. We were required to jump through some bureaucratic, and expensive hoops to allow us to build this simple […]

Project Planning Checklist now in print!

For those who are thinking about remodeling or adding on, there is a bewildering amount of things you need to think about: the problem you are trying to solve, Planning codes, construction costs, and those are the things you can think of! My Project Planning Checklist is a checklist that I developed for use in […]

Project in Progress: San Francisco Legalization

The project to legalize an existing secondary dwelling at the garage level of a house in San Francisco is getting closer to be completed. The permit was issued in May. So we are three months into construction and it’s starting to look pretty good. This project is being built as part of the City program […]

Project in Progress: San Leandro Update

The other day my client for the project in San Leandro texted me a photograph. It made me smile. This is the view from the back hall through the kitchen through the new opening between the kitchen and dining room, through the dining room to the window and out to the front of the house. […]