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Project in Progress: Oakland Remodel 2

Today I visited my Oakland remodel project. The owner and I met with the contractor to discuss tile details – where grout joints will be, alignments, and so on. The owner and I also discussed the paint colors for the remodeled Master Suite and came to some decisions.

April Construction - North Bath

This above is the picture of one of the bathrooms about 10 days ago when I last visited. The contractor thinks he will be ready for painting late this week. Once there is color on the wall, now we’re getting close to done! (After the flooring, wall tile, fixtures, accessories, and finish electrical.)

April Construction 2 - north bath

This picture is what it looks like today. All the sheet rock is in, the niches have been framed in. It is starting to look more like a finished space. The thick deck at the tub platform will have a recycle glass material material which we will also use for the window sill and the vanity counter. The front of the tub platform as well as the floor will be tiled in limestone pavers that the owner salvaged.

April Construction 2 - Master 1

This is the picture of the bedroom in the Master Suite. Is is separated from a Dressing Room by the Master Bath, both of which are behind me in the photo. The bedroom is somewhat small, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in glorious light, with windows on the North, East, and South walls. For reasons of budget, the owner only replaced one window, seen on the left, which was the only single pane window in the room. Once the new window is painted and window coverings are up, it will be less obvious.

April Construction 2 - Master 2

This is a somewhat dull photo looking from the Master Bedroom past the Master Bath on the left, to the Dressing Room beyond. In this photo you can see the joint in the floor where a past addition meets the original house. The joint will be covered with new stained bamboo flooring that will run through the Dressing Room, Passage, and Master Bedroom.

The owner is looking forward to seeing the finishes going in. As mentioned already, paint will go on the walls late this week, then tile in the bathrooms and the bamboo flooring in the Master Bedroom. The Master Bath is lagging a bit behind the other bathroom because of some existing conditions that were exposed during demolition. You almost can’t escape unforeseen conditions in a house built in 1949 and extended in the mid ’60’s.


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