Architect’s Inspiration: Alison + Peter Smithson

Continuing my occasional series about people and things that inspire me as a designer, here is a brief video about two of my favorite architects, Alison + Peter Smithson. The Smithsons were remarkable and influential architects, teachers, and thinkers in the UK, active from the late 1940’s until their deaths in 1993 and 2003, respectively. […]

Video Post: San Francisco Landing with Skylights

This is an experiment. I have a project in San Francisco and the client was having trouble visualizing what the skylights were going to look like. Instead of making static drawings of the space, I thought I would use the 3-D capabilities of Chief Architect and make a quick video of what the space would […]

Where Has David Worked?

One of the questions you want to ask a prospective architect, for those of you who are getting ready to hire an architect, is “have you worked in my city?” I have been working in architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1985. The chances are fairly good that I’ve worked in your city. […]

What does “modern” mean to you?

I realize that the word “modern” is one fraught with emotion for many people. They think “modern” means either boring or expensive or self-indulgent. When I think of “modern”, I think of wonderful, light filled spaces that have a range of experiences and are full of color and texture and function well for the people […]

Design Inspiration: A Kinetic House

This apartment in Spain by PKMN Architecture, is an inspired bit of space planning and “thinking outside the box”. The client, an artist and designer who works from home, needed a house that provided a series of different spaces. The solution the architects came up with is ingenious. It may not work for everyone, but […]

ABC of Architects

An ABC of Architects

This video is making the rounds on design and architecture blogs.  It is The ABC of Architects, an animated alphabet of architects’ names and major works. It is made of awesome.  So I thought I’d share.     by