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New Projects Added to The Site

It is autumn! My favorite season. That means, fall foliage, sweater weather, and, of course, updating the website with project pages for projects I worked on in the past year.

I’ve added five new projects to my project pages. 4 new residential projects and 1 new commercial project. I encourage you to check them out. On the Residential Project Page, I have added descriptions of a Secondary Dwelling Unit project in Danville, a modern cottage (ADU) in Berkeley, a remodel in San Francisco, and a garage conversion (ADU) in Oakland. On the Commercial Projects Page, I have added a description of the Church Expansion project.

There is a list of another 5 or so that are currently under construction, or in design that I’ve been sharing with you here on the blog. I will continue to blog about them until they are completed.

Not every project in my studio is shared here on the blog. Sometimes because the clients don’t want to. But more often because I’m so busy that it’s more important to keep working than to stop and write about what’s “on the boards”.

Check out the new residential and commercial project pages. All the new pages are at the top of each list.

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