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David Locicero Partners With New Avenue Homes

I am pleased to announce that I am now a New Avenue Homes architect partner. That means that I am joining a select group of talented architects who are bringing structure and clarity to the design-build process for home renovations.

Clients for New Avenue Homes are primarily people who are interested in building Accessory Dwelling Units – often referred to as ADU’s – which are small cottages in their back yards. Their clients also include homeowners who want a custom home, a major remodel, a granny flat/in-law unit addition to their home, or a separate detached backyard studio. These projects are ideal for multi-generational living or for renting out.

New Avenue Homes provides an integrated project delivery platform, which allows all the members of the project team – owners, architects, engineers, contractors, as well as the New Avenue Homes project administrators – to communicate and share documents in one place. Communicating in this way keeps the process open and transparent and eliminates much of the mystery around the design, approval, bidding and construction process. Projects also benefit from the budget and pricing data that New Avenue Homes has amassed over the past few years. Having access to this data allows projects to forecast and control costs from the start.

New Avenue Homes has also partnered with pre-qualified Contractors which eliminates much of the risk in finding and selecting a builder for your project.

See how cool this is? It alleviates stress for everybody on the team.

This partnership is not exclusive. I will still be taking on residential and commercial clients who are persuing other kinds of projects without utilizing the New Avenue Homes platform and services.

The benefits of this integrated project delivery system are so self evident, that I didn’t hesitate to partner with New Avenue Homes. If you are considering an ADU, granny flat or major remodeling project, I encourage you to check out New Avenue Homes. Tell them that I referred you!

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