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David Quoted In The Press

A while back I was interviewed by Emily Landes, a journalist, who was writing an article about trends in apartment design. It was an interesting to be interviewed and the subject was engaging.

This month the article she was writing, “Find The Flow”, appeared in SF Apartment Magazine, the monthly glossy magazine for members of the San Francisco Apartment Association (SFAA).

The article is about design trends for both updating older apartments and building new apartments. It is important for landlords and developers to stay on top of the trends in the market place in order to make their apartments more appealing to the prospective renters/buyers.

Trends today include kitchens that are a part of the larger living room, green and sustainable materials or features, secure storage for bicycles and car chargers for plug in electric vehicles, among others.

Even with 4 books and a history as a blogger, it is still fun to see my name in print in a magazine!

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