Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Project Progress: Danville SDU

Every project has it’s own challenges. Sometimes it is the siting. Sometimes it is the budget. Sometimes it is a tricky space planning problem. This project, currently in the office, is to add a new Secondary Dwelling Unit to a single family house in Danville. The challenge on this project falls in the “tricky space planning” category.

We are only allowed 1000 square feet if we want to avoid a lengthy planning approval process. The clients want the secondary unit, which will act as their retirement home, to have a Great Room (combined living/dining/kitchen) on the ground floor, and a master suite, sitting room, and study on the second floor. Two of those rooms will be built over a portion of the existing house.

16feb03_greatrm overview
Overview of the first floor. The existing house is on the right. Image copyright 2016, David Locicero, architect.


Perspective view of the Great Room. Still to be added are the upper cabinets in the Kitchen area. That will help hide the big black refrigerator. Image copyright 2016, David Locicero, architect.

We are wrapping up the schematic design phase at the moment and will be moving into the planning approval phase next. We still have some issues to work out on the interior, but knowing the basic design and massing is enough to move forward with the planning approval review.

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