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David’s Architectural Creed

Continuing my series of posts attempting to answer the question, What is Architecture? This post introduces my architectural creed. It is a statement of belief and intent. All of my decisions about design are based on the ideas summarized in my creed. The creed is duplicated here:

I believe in ARCHITECTURE:

In the power of architecture to ehance and improve our lives;

In Modernism, rooted in our time + cognizant of the past.

And in the need to make PLACES not spaces;

Buildings, especially our homes, are made for habitation.

All buildings have both purpose and meaning for owners, users and passers by.

Architects must make honest buildings, using elemental materials:

masonry, wood, metal, concrete, and glass;

We must exploit natural light in all its variety.

Architects must make simple forms and volumes with clean lines that are enhanced and elaborated using















views in and out

texture and color

and, yes, decoration.

There is good and bad design, but no design is worse than indifferent design.

Bad design that strives is at least trying.

Design that doesn’t care is the worst of all.

Approach every project with passion and care.

These ideas are not unique to me. Many architects would agree with some of these ideas and disagree with other of these ideas. What is unique to me is that all of these ideas, taken together, inform my designs. It is the combination of these ideas, the lessons learned from the study of architects from the past and present whom I admire, and the lessons learned from my own architectural practice over the last 30 years that result in the unique voice with which I practice.

If these ideas resonate with you, we might be able to make some great projects together.

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