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Confession Time: I have an Architect Crush

I have a confession to make.

I have an architect crush. It is common among architects, especially young ones, to have architect crushes on one or two favorite established architects. An architect crush is when you find the work of an architect conceptually, visually, and emotionally admirable and appealing. You’ not only LOVE their work, you actively can’t wait to see what they will do next.

When I was younger, I had crushes on Richard Meier and Mario Botta, among others. It has been several years though, since I have had a crush on another architect. There were architects whose work I admired, but none that I could say I had a crush on.

The architects I’m crushing on now is a small firm in Spain called Nook Architects. I realized that I was crushing on them when I was reviewing the websites I’d clipped into my account, and found that three of my most recently clipped projects were all by the same firm. I looked them up and just swooned. I really love what this trio is doing.

Work by Nook Architects in Barcelona Spain.
Work by Nook Architects in Barcelona Spain.

The most recent project of theirs that I like is this Barcelona apartment conversion. I like the conceptual clarity. I like the crispness of the modern detailing. I like the way they get the most out of a limited palette of materials. I like the way they mix old and the new. I like the way the space is interactive, allowing rooms to expand or contract according to the owner’s needs at a given time.

Nook is doing work that inspires me. It’s a wonderful thing to feel inspiration, to get your creative juices flowing, ready to do your best for your own clients.

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