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Architect’s Inspiration: Sir Peter Cook

This is an installment in my occasional series of posts about buildings, architects, ideas, and objects that inspire me. Today, in honor of his birthday, I am going to look at Sir Peter Cook, architect and educator.

I have deep respect and admiration for Sir Peter Cook. I was familiar with his early work with Archigram, which I love, before I went to graduate school at the Architectural Association (AA). Sir Peter was, and still is I believe, a studio leader in the undergraduate program at the AA.

peter cook-crab studiosHe was a presence in and around the school. Listening to him talk in the school bar was always a treat. He is bright and knowledgeable, and witty in a way that only the Brits can be. I often thought that eavesdropping on conversations at the AA bar provided me with more insight into the intersection of architectural theory and practice than some of the seminars I attended.

His quick mind and eloquent analysis of buildings were a huge part of my education there in spite of my never having taken any of his classes (not open to graduate students).

The illustration on the right is of a space in a proposed school of architecture  designed by his current office CRAB Studios. I adopted this spare ink line and color block drawing style as a college student and have come back to it again and again.

Here is a short video of an interview between AD (Architectural Design magazine) and Sir Peter.

So, a very happy birthday, Sir Peter! Your work and words have inspired this architect since 1979 when as a high school student I discovered Archigram in the books at the Las Vegas public library.

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