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Big News On The Budget Kitchen Front

Have you heard the news? Ikea is discontinuing their ENTIRE kitchen cabinet system and replacing it with an entirely NEW kitchen cabinet system!

I have long been a fan of Ikea kitchens for those who are trying to remodel their kitchens on a tight budget. Their kitchen cabinet system is generally uncomplicated (other than the zillions of boxes the cabinets come packed in), and for simple kitchens, their system provides a very economical, functional and attractive option.

Word hit the street not long ago, that Ikea is discontinuing their entire kitchen cabinet system and replacing it with an entirely new kitchen cabinet system. The news was published on both and The current system, called AKRUM, is being replaced by the new system, called SEKTION, effective February 2nd 2015.

Normally, you’d think, big deal. But the problem is that the new system is completely incompatible with the old system. They are based on different dimensional modules and are mounted to the wall differently. So you won’t be able to mix and match.

So this means, if you are planning a kitchen remodel and you were planning on using Ikea kitchens, you should either do it now and use the AKRUM system, or wait until after February and use the SEKTION system. But if you wait, I’d wait until April or May. Give the Ikea kitchen designers a chance to get familiar with the ins and outs of the new system before jumping in.

Also, if you installed an Ikea kitchen the last few years and parts are starting to show some wear, I would recommend buying the replacement parts before February of next year. While Ikea has a killer 25 year warranty for the AKRUM system, it can’t hurt to pick up some replacement parts now. There’s no knowing if their warehouse full of parts will have what you need 10 or 15 years from now.

While I am a fan of the AKRUM system, I am also looking forward to the new SEKTION system. AKRUM had limitations that made it difficult to use in more complex kitchens, and the limitations on cabinet sizes was often an issue. I can’t wait to see the literature for the new SEKTION system!

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