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Making Little Things Count

I recently happened on this post about Michelangelo’s grocery list. Please go read it. It is short, very interesting, with a lovely image of the grocery list in question.

Field notes. Copyright, 2014, David Locicero
Field notes.
Copyright, 2014, David Locicero

Besides appealing to my interest in history, to do lists, and sketching, Michelangelo’s illustrated grocery list raises the issue, in my mind any way, of doing little things well. That is the premise of my architectural practice, that no matter how small your project is, it should be done well, with the same care and consideration as big projects. No matter if you hire me for a Design Counseling session to get some advice, to design your kitchen, to design a whole house remodel, or a brand new house, I will give your project the same level of care and consideration.

Little projects and incremental changes can have a powerful and prolonged impact on the quality of your life. If we address even the smallest projects with the same seriousness as the biggest projects, we are more likely to make positive changes even better.

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