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Architects Don’t Make Plans

You have been thinking about remodeling or adding on to your house.

You called you’re local building department and described what you wanted to do. They said, “You’ll need plans prepared by an architect for that in order to get a permit.”

You had a contractor come over to discuss what you are thinking about to find out how much it might cost. The contractor said, “You need plans by an architect for me to give an accurate cost.”

Your next step is to call some architects and ask them, “How much does it cost for you to make plans of my project?”

Here’s the problem: Architects don’t “make plans”.

Plans are not a product that architects produce.

Architects provide a professional service that involves knowledge of design, planning regulations, building codes, construction systems, and bureaucratic processes. Making drawings is just a small portion of what architects do.

The drawings – or plans – are actually tools we use to communicate. We use drawings to communicate:

  • what the building will look like
  • what the interiors will look like
  • how it complies with the planning regulations
  • how it complies with building codes
  • what all the materials, fixtures, and fittings used in the project will be
  • how all of the construction systems in the building come together

We use the drawings to communicate with our clients.

We use the drawings to communicate with the planners and building officials.

We use the drawings to communicate with the contractor and the sub-contractors.

The service we provide, and the value you get, is our expert knowledge about

  • design – making your dreams come true
  • planning and building code compliance – making sure your dream is safe
  • construction – making sure your dream is built to last

You hire an architect to help you solve a problem you have. The plans don’t solve the problem. The plans describe the solution so that everybody involved understands how it will be realized. The plans show how the architect has solved the problem and how to build that solution.

When you hire an architect to provide professional services, yes, plans will be drawn. But they are not the product. They are tools that everyone involved in the project will use to ensure that your dream – for the bigger house, for the brighter house, for the spa-like house, for the family friendly house – is realized. Those drawings are descriptions of how to make your dreams come true.

Architects make your dreams come true. THAT is the value architects provide.

Can I help your dreams come true? Contact me today to set up an appointment to discuss your dreams.

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