Project Complete in San Francisco

I can’t recall if I’ve written about this project or not. Years ago, I did a project for these clients in this house, enclosing a carport to be a garage. That was successful. But the owners soon had to relocate for work, and the house was rented out. They’ve returned to San Francisco and decided […]

Project in Progress: San Leandro Remodel

A couple of weeks ago I visited the project in San Leandro which is currently under construction. I took some pictures and realized that this project provides an example of a principal of design I call “Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference”. In this case, opening up the wall between the Dining Room and the […]

Tiny House Hunters

If you are interested in “tiny houses”, HGTV may have the show for you. It’s called Tiny House Hunters. Like it’s name sakes, House Hunters and International House Hunters, the “tiny” version of the show follows a person, couple, or family while they search for a tiny house solution just right for them. Thus far […]

Design Inspiration: A Kinetic House

This apartment in Spain by PKMN Architecture, is an inspired bit of space planning and “thinking outside the box”. The client, an artist and designer who works from home, needed a house that provided a series of different spaces. The solution the architects came up with is ingenious. It may not work for everyone, but […]

Making Small Kitchens Work

Sometimes you have to make a small kitchen work. Expanding the kitchen is not viable because of cost, space constraints, or because you are renting. recently published a list of 8 ways to make more of a small kitchen. Though, there are two number 4’s and no number 6. LOL. I’d like to chime […]

Designing Living Small

One of the things I am interested in, and have some experience with, is designing for living in small spaces. The average American house is 2300 square feet, which is about 1000 square feet larger than the average American house of 50 years ago. Are American families bigger than they were 50 years ago? No. […]

Multi-use Furniture Can Make All The Difference

When you are designing a small space, every inch has to work and every piece of furniture has to be carefully considered. The video below shows the multi-functional furniture from one manufacturer. Not only is the furniture beautiful and functional, I find it inspiring. Seeing furniture like this makes you look at the rest of […]

9 Great Small Space Ideas…and 1 Bad Idea

House Beautiful is a great resource for inspirational ideas. This article of theirs features 10 ideas for small space design 9 of them are really good. But 1 is really not that great. I do not agree about open shelves in small kitchens. Unless you live your life curating everything you own for museum quality, […]