Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Project in Progress: San Bruno Expansion

I haven’t posted about this project in a while. I started working on this project in December of 2014. It is a fairly simply 240 square foot extension to a 1950’s ranch house located in San Bruno. We were required to jump through some bureaucratic, and expensive hoops to allow us to build this simple extension. We then had serious trouble finding a contractor. It took almost a year before we could find a builder who had both space in their schedule and a reasonable price.

Construction started 2 months ago. Demolition of the existing exterior wall is complete. The new foundation is poured. All the framing is up. Structural sheathing is in place and roofing is complete. This video is of the interior of the extension. The existing house is behind the camera.


I am generally pleased with the progress of the construction. The contractor took it upon himself to change some details without asking. The owner on my recommendation has directed the contractor to remove the non-complying work and to correct the changes in compliance with the documents. This is an example of why it is good to have your architect provide construction phase services.

Still to do: complete the insulation and put up the sheet rock; install the new carpet and paint; and build the steps down to the yard. The owner is hoping that the project will be substantially complete by Christmas.

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