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Kitchen Design Advice

Is 2017 the year you’re going to remodel your kitchen? It is dark and disconnected from the rest of the house. It doesn’t have any storage, and there’s no place for the kids to the the homework.

I recently came across this article about 10 steps to take when planning your kitchen remodel. I thought the advice was pretty sound.

Kitchens are the hardest working rooms in our houses. We cook there. We entertain there. We pay bills there. The kids do homework there. We eat there, feed the pets there, and some of us run our home businesses from there. It’s a lot!

If your kitchen isn’t working for you, it is almost always cheaper to remodel the kitchen than it is to move. If you like your neighborhood, if the kids have a few more years before they are out of school, the rest of the house is fine, then maybe you should consider remodeling the kitchen.

The article at Planet Cabinets points out the need to consider the work flow, ergonomics, lighting, quality, and so on. As a fairly serious home cook, I really appreciated #9, remembering that kitchens are messy. If you don’t take that into account, you may curse your kitchen remodel for years. Kitchens are expensive rooms to build and remodel. Project your investment with smart design.

Looking into the a kitchen from the dining room. I designed this kitchen a couple of years ago. I still love the way it looks. And it is very functional for a two cook family.


I especially liked #10, Hire a trusted design professional! But even if you don’t hire me, it pays to hire a skilled and experienced design professional who knows kitchens. Whether that person is an interior designer, or an architect, or a certified kitchen designer, the insights and assistance you can get from a pro can make the difference between a good kitchen remodel and a great kitchen remodel.

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