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Forbes 8 Kitchen Design Trends to Avoid

Noted design magazine, Forbes, recently published an article about the “8 Kitchen Design Trends to Avoid“.

I happen to agree wholeheartedly with 2 of the 8 – avoid trash compactors and counter top microwaves. These should be avoided. Though, if your existing kitchen doesn’t have space for a wall or cabinet mounted microwave, you are kind of stuck until you remodel.

Union City Kitchen
Union City Kitchen

The remaining 6, however, are entirely discretionary. It boils down to one question, really: for whom are you remodeling? Are you remodeling for some generic potential buyer because you plan on selling your home within the next year? Than by all means, don’t build a kitchen you love, just make it functional, stylistically safe and color neutral. Or are you are remodeling for yourself because you plan on living in your house for the next 10 years or more? If that is the case I see no reason to avoid colorful appliances, appliance garages and the rest.

When you are designing your kitchen the key is not to follow trends, but to design for how you actually live, cook and entertain. Take care of function first. Make certain that the location of and relationship between the major appliances is correct, and you are certain you have the right storage in the correct places. Once that is done, then you think about what appliances to buy and what materials to use. If you really want, and can afford, an apron front sink, put it in.

Don’t buy into the hype telling YOU what YOUR kitchen should avoid or must have. You are intelligent and discriminating, not a sheep-like consumer. Don’t be lead away from what you need and want because of supposed trends in design. Think first about function and how you live. If the trend makes sense for you, follow it. If it doesn’t make sense for you, ignore it. Love the kitchen you build.

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