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Project In Progress: Fremont Kitchen Underway

Construction of the kitchen remodel in Fremont is underway. I went down to Fremont for a site visit. It is so much fun to see how quickly things can change. The owner told me that the contractor had the entire room stripped down to the studs in a little more than half the day. What had once looked so permanent was removed quickly. After cleaning up and hauling away the debris, work began immediately on the electrical, plumbing and some minor framing changes.

The kitchen after demolition.
The kitchen after demolition.

This is what it looks like now. Demolition is complete. The rough electrical is underway. The plumbing work is complete. At this point, the contractor was waiting on the rough electrical to be complete so they could call for an inspection.

The contractor is optimistic that the entire project will be complete by the 4th of July. I’ll be visiting the site at least one more time before then.

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