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Studio Improvements

Today I am going to spend a little time talking about some improvements that I’ve made here in the Studio and on the website. These improvements are made in order to make providing you with better architectural services or with more information about architectural services.


I don’t know about you, but I’m still digging the design of the website. I have tweaked it a little bit, restoring the column of information and links on the right hand side of the screen.

I have also added a new FAQ page, where I will be posting the videos I’ve been making answering questions that people typically ask me about architectural services. At this point I have posted the two videos I have already made. I have several videos planned. Conceiving, writing, preparing, and recording these short videos takes a good deal more time than you might think. My goal is to post a new video each month. The video will appear here on the blog, then get posted to the FAQ page.

The new tiny icon which is a link to my YouTube Channel. I've highlighted it orange so you can see it.
The new tiny icon which is a link to my YouTube Channel. I’ve highlighted it orange so you can see it.

If you have eagle eyes, you may also have noticed that there is a new, tiny, icon in the upper right corner at the top of the website banner. This is a link to my YouTube channel. The YouTube channel is where I am hosting my videos. YouTube is the second most used “search engine” on the internet, so it’s useful to have a presence there.


It isn’t just the website that has seen some improvements. I recently upgraded my computer from a Dell laptop, which did yeoman’s service the past few years, to an HP all-in-one with a gloriously large (23-inch) screen. Using an all-in-one means that I am no longer as mobile as I was with the laptop. But what I lack in mobility, I am more than making up for in enhanced productivity. After hacking away on drawings on the old laptop’s 15-inch screen, the new big screen seems absolutely luxurious!


The enhanced power, memory, and graphics card of the new computer has also allowed me to update Chief Architect (my BIM software) from the X5 version to the brand, spanking new X7 version. The updated software has many more functions that will make it easier for me to produce drawings which explain the design to my clients more easily. It will also mean it will be easier to produce clear and concise construction and permit documents. Having the right tools really does make a big difference.

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