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Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, whether major or minor, you have to think things through many things. Recently, published what they called The 10 Commandments of Kitchen Remodeling. It is a good list of things to think about (especially #5). But I’m going to suggest that their 11th, bonus commandment should be number 1.

Their bonus commandment is “Plan to live somewhere else”.

The kitchen after demolition.
The kitchen after demolition.

You really should. Life without a kitchen is difficult, particularly if you have children. I have had clients move in with relatives. I have had clients set up a temporary kitchen in their dining room, garage, back yard).

You think, how long can it take? You take out some cabinets, you move some plumbing, you rewire some outlets, put in new cabinets? It’ll take what? A month?

The reality of construction is that a moderately complicated kitchen remodeling will take at least 3 months, it can often take 4 months or more. Be prepared for delays caused by weather (even if you aren’t opening up windows, deliveries can be delayed), unexpected conditions behind the sheet rock or plaster, sub contractors who don’t show up when scheduled, inspectors who don’t show up when scheduled, and any number of other things. The more complex the remodeling, the longer it will take.

When you are budgeting your remodel, don’t forget to include the cost of where you will stay during construction. If you plan on living at home, budget for lots of take out food and a couple of get away weekends in a local hotel just for your mental health.

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