Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Virtual Design Counseling

Virtual Design Counseling is a one-on-one video call with me to discuss your architectural design problem. Whether you have questions about remodeling or refreshing your kitchen, adding an in-law unit or back yard cottage, or just trying to maximize the space you have, we can talk about it live online.

Remodeling is an activity fraught with uncertainty. Virtual Design Counseling is a way to reduce the uncertainty so that you can move forward with confidence to whatever the next step might be.

There are no strings attached to the call, with no expectation of further work. I just want to answer your questions, provide you with realistic information about codes, budgets, schedules, and some sound design solutions that you can use.

Armed with accurate information, you can make better decisions for you and your family. There is no reason to be at the mercy of unscrupulous contractors, or uninformed advice from strangers.

My in-person price for design counseling services is $397 on a weekday or $497 on the weekend. This virtual service costs $297, for 60 minutes of straight talk about your design problem.

When the call is over, I will provide you with a recording of the call (this takes a couple of hours to generate), and a bullet point summary of our discussion.

If you are a California resident, make your appointment for your Virtual Design Counseling session today! (I am sorry, I am unable to provide architectural consulting services to clients outside of California.)

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