Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes


Here is what some of my clients have said about me.

This is from a client who hired me/New Avenue Homes before she even purchased the property where she ultimately built her new home. I helped her evaluate several properties for appropriateness during her property search:

David, I don’t believe either of us suspected to spend 4+ years on this project – my home! I want to thank you for your steady head — patient and practical; for your common sense when I needed it; and for your generosity and expertise. My home and I will long remember you.


This is from a client whom I helped with an accessory dwelling addition to their home:

In the late fall of 2017 we moved into our new apartment created for us by our architect David Locicero. It is everything we hoped it would be. Working with David was a pleasure from beginning to end.

In the beginning he listened and counseled, guiding us from our rough ideas to a workable plan. From there he rolled with the not infrequent punches delivered by a city that was a bit of a challenge to deal with.

Flexible and patient, David got us to the construction phase where he worked smoothly with our equally excellent  contractor, Ronnie McCoy. Today, after what seemed like a long, long process we are enjoying our new In-law unit, living the lifestyle we had hoped it would deliver. With David’s help it does. — Scott M.

This is from a returning client for whom I  worked on projects 10 years apart:

Sixteen years ago my wife and I purchased a house in SF that did not have an enclosed garage.  We were concerned that creating one would impact the look of our mid-century modern home.  We interviewed architects, and hired David Locicero for the project.  The results were spectacular, and our contractor at the time commented on how clear and detailed the working drawings were.  
After being away for 10 years and renting our house, we returned with the necessity of remodeling several aspects of our home.  We reconnected with David and again had an excellent experience.  We are now back in our house, with the upgrades we desired, and with the original design integrity actually enhanced as opposed to being lost in the changes. 
We would enthusiastically recommend David to anyone wanting a detailed and thoughtful architect to assist with their project. — Dennis & Anita

This is from a client for whom I have worked before:

Many thanks for your help with this whole remodel. As always, you’ve been awesome! We really appreciate your understanding, your quick responses and willingness to help, and your wonderful design choices! 

Thanks again for your help – we couldn’t have done this major project without you! — J.C. 

This is from a client in Fremont who, when I last saw them, the wife opened the door saying, “I love my house!”

After six years in the “new” house we still remark how well we like the design.  Visitors always express delight about the openness of the house.  I always say that working together on a plan is the best way and that is what David gave us.

My wife and I enjoyed working with David on the remodel of our 40 year old home.  He listened to our need and wants, then translated them into workable plans.  We wanted the house bright and airy.  David used high ceilings, skylights and windows along with excellent interior light for nighttime. He opened the kitchen/dining areas to each other.

We asked for something different in the family room (we called it the whimsy) and he translated it into an innovative wood floor and special wall angles.

As I said, we still find the house new six years after working with David on the remodeling of our home. — Bruce & Joan.

This message was sent to me by a client shortly after moving into her Los Altos house, inherited from her grandmother. We had gutted and remodeled the 1930’s redwood bungalow and added on a new kitchen and family room.

We are happily moved in and living in our remodeled home now!!!!  
The house is GREAT!  The family room is very bright with lots of natural light and I feel like it is an outdoorsy-indoor room!  The views from each window is fabulous!
The design is GREAT– it is very roomy, cozy, , practical, and suits our family very comfortably!
Thank you for all your calm assistance and design support throughout the project.. I know there were some changes during the process–and some challenges—regardless, the house for me is very close to my “dream home”!  Thank you for turning a printed design into reality! — Nancy & Jay
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