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New Avenue Homes Partner

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David Locicero is a New Avenue Homes partner architect. New Avenue Homes is an online platform that allows the easy and transparent collaboration of home owners and architects. It is an intuitive and easy to use web based communication tool. If you can use FaceBook, you can use New Avenue Homes’s system. They specialize in helping home owners with Accessory Dwelling Unit projects, large remodeling projects, and addition projects.

We can work together with or without New Avenue Homes. Many of my clients don’t use New Avenue, and that’s fine with me. But if you are interested there are some benefits for you.

The benefits for the home owner include:

  • the line item proposals that allow you to see all the tasks involved in designing and documenting your project.
  • a clear linear project flow that allows you to know what step comes next at any time in the process.
  • clear and transparent invoices and budgets.

I like the partnership with New Avenue Homes. They take care of much of the “back of house” financial administration. Their platform is easy to use and allows me to find any communication, or document I have sent or received on a project.

If we work together using the New Avenue Homes platform, some of the process spelled out on this website are different in order to conform to their system.

I encourage you to check them out. If you would like to use them for our project together, just let me know.

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