Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Hiring David

So you are ready to pull the trigger on your project and get going! How do you go about that?

This is the process I use for all projects. By following this process, I am able to provide you with the architectural services your require at the most appropriate level of compensation. It is easy, and it makes sense.

1 – Contact David:

First email me (dslocicero at gmail dot com) and give a quick description of your project. Be sure to include the city where the project is located. I will respond by email. If I am taking on new work, I will suggest we move to the next step, the Initial Meeting. I will send you a link to my secure online scheduling and payment system. There you will be able to schedule and pay for the Initial Meeting.

If I am not taking on work at the time you contact me, I’ll ask if you would like to be added to my waiting list. Getting added to the waiting list ensures that I will meet with you when my work load allows.

2 – The Initial Meeting:

The next step is the paid Initial Meeting. This meeting can take place at your property, or virtually online. During this meeting we will discuss your goals for the project and I will get a sense of what your project’s challenges will be. I will let you know the immediate challenges the project faces, and we will discuss the budget in general terms. I only have a limited number of meeting times available each month. The in-person Initial Meeting is offered at a fixed price of $397. The virtual Initial Meeting is offered at a fixed price of $297.

You may stop or pause the project after the Initial meeting.

If your project is an accessory dwelling unit, or legalizing an existing unpermitted accessory dwelling or in-law apartment, the first step is the ADU REVIEW, which combines the Initial Meeting and the Reality Check into one service. I can do this because the scope of an accessory dwelling project is quite limited and the planning regulations are more consistent. I only have a limited number of meeting times available each month. The ADU Review is offered at a fixed price of $797.

3 – The Reality Check (feasibility study):

Most architects write a proposal after the Initial Meeting. I wait until we have a better understanding of your project. After the Initial Meeting, if you want to move forward, I can prepare what I call a Reality Check for a fixed price. This is a feasibility study. We’ll discuss your project needs in more depth to develop a program for your project. I will research the zoning and entitlement requirements for your project, as well as prepare a conceptual budget for your project. We will use the Reality Check as the starting point for designing your project. The Reality Check feasibility study is offered at a fixed price of $1597.

You may stop or pause the project after delivery of the Reality Check. You can also take the Reality Check to another architect if you want.

The exception to my Reality Check feasibility study requirement is for most accessory dwelling or in-law legalization projects. If your project is adding or legalizing an in-law in San Francisco, I require my ADU Review service which is a combination of the initial consultation and the feasibility study. 

If your project is an accessory dwelling, the Initial Meeting and Reality Check are combined in one service.

4 – The Project Proposal/Agreement:

The Reality Check defines the scope of your project. Now that the scope of work has been better defined, I prepare a proposal/agreement that outlines the services I can provide and gives you the option of selecting from three different service packages – the Basic Package, the Standard Package, and the Premium Package. The cost of architectural services will depend on the complexity of your project, your schedule, and the services required.

When you have selected your desire service package, signed the agreement, and paid the non-refundable initial payment, congratulations, now the fun begins! We will schedule your project’s kick-off meeting, and get started!

If you are ready to talk to an architect about your project, let’s talk! Please email me at dslocicero at gmail dot com.

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