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David Locicero, architect, provides the following services:

Specific Services:

Virtual Design Counseling: Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the shelter-in-place orders, and well, the crazy amount of time it can take getting from place to place in the Bay Area, I introduced Virtual Design Counseling. It’s just like my Design Counseling service, but better. Here’s a video about it:

Reality Check feasibility study.  Whether you are a home owner pondering a remodeling project or an addition, or a business owner looking for a new location, David’s Reality Check can help you look at your options, figure out a budget and determine the way forward.

ADU Review. If your San Francisco property has an un-permitted, sometimes called “unwarranted”, in-law unit, and you are considering legalizing it, the ADU Review service is for you. Like wise, if you are considering adding an in-law unit to your San Francisco property, this service is for you. For a fixed price, I come out to your property and evaluate the feasibility of legalizing or building the in-law unit, and explain the process to you. We will also discuss likely costs and schedule. You can schedule an appointment directly from the website using the form on the right side of the page.

Design Counseling. If you’ve got an architectural problem, sometimes you just want to talk it over with an expert. That’s where my Design Counseling service comes in handy. For a fixed price, I come to your property and we can discuss your architectural problem in greater depth than during an initial consultation. I will come prepared to make sketches and we can usually give you a good idea of your path forward. You can schedule an appointment directly from the website using the form on the right side of the page.

“Aging at Home” Consulting. Are you a “Baby Boomer” who wants to stay in your home as long as possible?  David offers an Aging at Home Audit, where he visits your home and analyzes it for potential obstacles to accessibility and mobility. You may need to add grab bars in the shower, or add a wheel chair ramp to the front door. David can help you identify the modifications required to make aging in own your home for longer possible.

Accessibility Consulting.  Are you a business owner looking at having to upgrade your establishment’s entry or toilets?  David can help you maneuver through the conflicting State and Federal requirements to the most economical solution.

Full Architectural Services. If your project is medium sized or bigger in size or have a certain level of complexity built into the problem, Full Architectural Services will be most appropriate. Full services start with programming and progress through the increasingly more detailed phases of an architectural project. This is the way most architects structure their services for projects from a house remodeling all the way up to a high rise tower.

For a discussion about how I determine my proposed compensation for any given project, I have prepared my Fees and Compensation page.

Areas of Expertise:

Accessory Dwelling Units and Secondary Dwelling Units. Many properties qualify to have an extra rental unit. These can be separate back yard cottages (Accessory Dwelling Units), or integrated second units that are part of the existing house (Secondary Dwelling Units).  Building an additional unit has many advantages: potential rental income, a home for an aging parent, or a caregiver, a guest house or a personal retreat.

Kitchen Design.  There is almost nothing David likes better that a Kitchen remodeling project.  As an accomplished home chef, David knows what goes into a successful kitchen for a serious chef.

Small Space Design.  Living in an urban area often means living in small and even tiny spaces.  David can help you get the most out of your small place in a practical and stylish way.

Residential Remodeling and Additions.  Sometimes you just don’t want to move.  Remodeling or adding on to your existing house will make your current home your dream home.  David can help you by designing the remodeling and/or addition and working with you and the contractor to see it through to completion.

Tenant Improvements.  If you are a business owner opening a new store or office, David can help you to design your new commercial space.  With one eye on keeping to your budget, and the other on ensuring that your functional and branding needs are met, David ensures that your new business space will be economical, functional, comfortable and consistent with your brand.

New House Design.  Building a new house, whether it is your primary home or a vacation home, is a major commitment of time and resources.  David can help to turn your dreams into reality.

Check out my Hiring David page to learn the easy 4 step process to working with David.

Email David at dslocicero at gmail dot com to make an appointment for any of these services.

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